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To find out more about our recycling services call us today on 0118 984 2684

Road planings and aggregates supplied

R Hazell Recycling Waste operates from an Environmental Agency Registered Waste Management Centre 'Rumbolds Pit', Near Benson, Oxfordshire.

Delivered by our modern fleet of tippers we supply developers and contractors with large quantities of crushed concrete, road planings and other aggregates. Please call us for a quote on any of the following materials.

  • Crushed concrete
  • Capping layer material 6F2
  • Road planings
  • Screened road planings
  • Screened soil
  • Recycled type 1

Our commitment to recycled aggregates and materials

The vast majority of our skips and roll on/off bins are returned to our recycling centre, tipped and sorted into as many potentially re-useable materials as possible. Our aim is to reduce the amount of materials that end up simply going to land-fill.

Once recycled we can offer a range of products that not only get utilised in our own works which are completed by Hazell & Jefferies Ltd, but that are also available to developers and contractors.