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Tailored Concrete Mix Designs for Every Project Need

We offer a vast array of concrete mix designs, catering to both domestic and commercial clients. Our service stands out in providing custom concrete solutions directly to your site. Utilising advanced volumetric concrete mixers, we ensure precision and efficiency by mixing concrete on-site to your exact specifications. This method not only reduces waste but also allows for a wide range of mix adjustments, including variations in cement, water, aggregates, and admixtures to meet your specific project requirements.

Our Range of Concrete Mix Designs

We provide a diverse selection of concrete mixes to suit various construction needs:


  • C25: With a 25 MPa compressive strength, this mix is used for reinforced structural elements like beams and columns.
  • C30: A 30 MPa strength mix, ideal for foundations, walls, and suspended floors.
  • C35, RC35: High-strength mixes for demanding structures like bridges and industrial floors.
  • C40, C45: Extremely high-strength mixes for tall buildings and heavy-loaded floors.


  • Gen 1: Ideal for non-structural applications like garden walls and footings, this mix has a low cement content.
  • Gen 2: A notch above Gen 1, this mix is also used for non-structural purposes.
  • ST2: A low-strength mix, suitable for non-structural uses such as drainage channels and kerb bedding.
  • ST3: Stronger than ST2, used for non-structural applications like path edging.
  • ST4, ST5: High-strength mixes for non-structural, high-stress applications.


  • Kerb Mix: Specially formulated for kerb manufacturing and similar applications.
  • Gen 3: A medium-strength mix, perfect for structural applications such as house foundations and floors.
  • Pav 1: Designed for pavement construction, offering a slightly rough texture for better traction.
  • Pav 2: A stronger version of Pav 1, used for heavy-duty pavements.
  • Dry Screed: A versatile mix for indoor flooring, customizable with retarders or fibres for specific needs.

Versatile and Efficient Delivery

Our state-of-the-art volumetric mixers ensure precise, on-site mixing, providing you with the exact amount of concrete needed for your project. This approach minimises waste and maximises efficiency, making us a reliable concrete company for your needs.

Wide Range of Mixes

From basic Gen 1 to high-strength C45, our extensive range of concrete mixes ensures that we have the right solution for every construction need, whether it’s a small domestic project or a large commercial endeavour. Our ST3 concrete and kerb mix are particularly popular for specific applications.

Expertise and Customization

Our team’s expertise in concrete solutions allows us to offer customised mixes tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and durability of the concrete used in your project.

Convenient and Clean Delivery

We offer concrete pumping services through trusted partners, ideal for hard-to-reach sites. This method ensures clean, efficient, and precise delivery, even in the most challenging locations. Whether it’s concrete for driveways or large-scale constructions, our concrete pumping services are designed to meet your needs.

Your Go-To Source for Quality Concrete Services

With Hazell & Jefferies, you’re choosing a partner with a commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our experienced team is ready to provide you with the best concrete solutions, tailored to your unique needs.

Key Benefits of Our Concrete Services:

  • Over 40 years of industry experience as a leading concrete company.
  • Customizable concrete mixes for every project, including specialized mixes like dry screed and kerb mix.
  • On-site mixing with volumetric lorries for precision and no waste.
  • 24/7 availability for your convenience.
  • Competitive pricing and only pay for what you use.
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