Five iconic roads around the world

16th April 2020

Long view of a road stretching ahead between green grass.

At first glance, a road might not hold the same tourist appeal as a grand cathedral, museum or another impressive landmark, and we’re mostly used to simply driving on roads to get from A to B. However, not all roads are created equal, and there are some around the world that are worth visiting in their own right. From iconic scenery to famous highways and amazing shopping stretches, see below for five of our favourite roads around the world.

Route 66, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico and Arizona, USA

Technically now called ‘Historic Route 66’, we couldn’t leave out what’s arguably the most famous road around the world. This stretch of highway runs across four states in the midwest, linking Chicago and Los Angeles. Route 66 was actually removed from the United States Highway System in 1985 and was replaced by the Interstate System, but visitors can still experience the sections that remain a shrine to all things Americana.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

This 150-mile stretch is one of Australia’s most popular tourist spots and it’s technically the world’s largest war memorial, as it was built by soldiers returning from World War I. Highlights along the route include the limestone 12 Apostles, volcanic plains and stunning national parks.

Lombard Street, San Francisco, USA

This road covers just one block but is famous for its many sharp, hairpin turns. Lombard Street is one of America’s most crooked streets and it’s a hotspot found on many tours. The steep, hilly street was features many beautiful Victorian mansions and it’s home to Scottie’s Apartment from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (900 Lombard St).

Champs-Elysées, Paris, France

This chic avenue is known for its neatly manicured trees, designer boutiques and the famous Arc de Triomphe which stands at the western end. It’s the second most expensive strip of real estate in Europe, after Bond Street in London and there are very few houses on the strip as the rent is simply too expensive.

Abbey Road, London, UK

Home to the studio where The Beatles recorded their 11th album, ‘Abbey Road’, tourists flock from all over the world to recreate the famous album cover on the zebra crossing outside. There’s plenty to see and do nearby, including Lord’s Cricket Ground, Hyde Park and The British Museum.

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