Four eco friendly construction materials

10th February 2021

Newly surface dressed driveway proceeding to a large stately home.

The construction industry hasn’t been the most eco-friendly in the past, with some statistics finding that the sector contributes to 50% of climate change and 50% of all landfill waste. However, things are changing and many construction companies are making conscious efforts to adopt more sustainable practices and use eco-friendly materials.

There’s a wide range of exciting eco-friendly construction materials to choose from, and doing so has many benefits, including fewer greenhouse emissions, reduced energy consumption and the preservation of fossil fuels and natural resources. If your construction company has been thinking about ways to become more sustainable, see below to find out more about some of the eco friendly construction materials available.

Recycled aggregates

Recycled aggregate refers to crushed stone, concrete or gravel leftover from completed construction projects or demolitions. The material can then be used in new building projects and it’s far more environmentally friendly than quarrying for new raw material. Using recycled aggregates is also more affordable and it saves construction debris from heading to landfill.


Bamboo is much more sustainable than an alternative material like pine wood or cedar, as it grows so quickly. It can take years to reforest trees once they’ve been harvested, but some species of bamboo can grow over 30 inches in a 24 hour period. Bamboo can be used to build structures due to its high strength to weight ratio and it also has a higher compressive strength than wood, concrete and brick.

Recycled steel

Recycling steel saves up to 75% of the energy costs required to manufacture new steel. This metal is also 100% recyclable and can be infinitely reused without loss of quality. Recycled steel is just as strong and durable as new steel and it can be used to construct bridges, cars, buildings, filing cabinets, cans and much more.

Sheep’s wool

Sheep’s wool is a great insulator and it makes an eco-friendly alternative to man-made insulation materials like mineral wool. Sheep’s wool insulation can be used in walls, ceilings and attics, and it’s energy efficient, environmentally friendly and easy to install.

If you’re looking for affordable recycled aggregates for your next project in Oxford or Reading, get in touch with the team at Hazell & Jefferies Ltd. We’re committed to protecting the environment and your budget, and our recycled aggregates are locally sourced from quarries and sites around the Oxford area. We also operate a recycling centre from an Environmental Agency Registered Waste Management Centre to help our clients reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. For more information about our recycled aggregates or recycling services, give us a call today or contact us via the website

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