Four ways of making your construction project more environmentally friendly

15th July 2021

Large driveway refurbished with surface dressing by Hazell & Jefferies.

There are always ways that you can make your construction project greener and do your bit for the planet. With the number of different materials that are used, it’s important to reduce waste and take responsibility for the construction work that’s taking place no matter how big or small your project is.

Here are four top ways of making your construction project more environmentally friendly.

Plan ahead

Before starting any kind of construction project you must plan ahead. Making unnecessary decisions and purchases is not the greenest way of doing things so some time to plan exactly what you need and how it’s going to be done.

Use recycled aggregates

Raw materials should be conserved as much as possible to avoid them being completely used up. A great solution is to invest in recycled aggregates as they repurchase pre-used materials instead of excavating raw materials unnecessarily. Not only are they as durable as new aggregates but they are affordable too!

Invest in ready mix concrete

Ready-mix concrete is mixed off-site at the ratio you require and delivered straight to you. This type of concrete is very convenient, especially in large projects where you don’t want to waste time mixing large batches of concrete. But, better yet, ready-mix concrete is formulated to meet your exact needs which means less product is wasted.

Find local services

Using local services in your area is going to make your project greener in a number of ways. Firstly, there will be fewer carbon emissions as you will receive local deliveries instead of having vehicles travel across the country to your site. Furthermore, you’ll be helping local businesses and using local resources.

At Hazell & Jefferies , we recycle a variety of products such as crushed concrete to recycled aggregates, which is then utilised in our work. Whether you’re completing a domestic or commercial project, we’re on hand to help across Oxford and Reading, using our 40 years of experience to deliver high-quality work. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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