Four ways the asphalt and tarmac can be used

17th August 2021

Newly resurfaced driveway with a circular grass island and tree in the very centre.

Asphalt and tarmac are used in more places than you may realise. From roads to private driveways, these materials play an important role in many public spaces and domestic projects. With a team of professionals on hand to help, you can benefit from a range of asphalt and tarmac services.

Here are four top ways that asphalt and tarmac can be used.


Having a durable driveway is beneficial for both domestic and commercial uses. As a homeowner, your driveway is one of the first things that people see so ensuring that it looks great and is durable will make it a sound investment for your home.


Is there anything worse than driving over a bumpy road or one that’s full of potholes? Asphalt and tarmac and both essential materials in building high-quality roads but also keeping them in good condition when repairs are needed. It can be used on public roads as well as private estate roads.

Cycle paths

With more cyclists on the road, it’s important that cycle paths are built and maintained. Asphalt and tarmac are usually used to create a smooth surface that keeps cyclists safe and ensures that their journey is smooth sailing.

Car parks

Commercial car parks can be high traffic areas so strong materials are required to protect the area and the vehicles driving over it. Creating a smooth and sleek look for your business,

asphalt and tarmac are waterproof membranes known for its longevity. It is a popular material choice for car parks and bridges as it is high quality, low maintenance and long-lasting.

At Hazell and Jefferies , we offer a range of asphalt paving services for domestic and commercial clients throughout Oxfordshire. You can count on us for any type of asphalt repair, from small patching repairs to large surface dressing projects. We help restore the condition of your asphalt to minimise the risk of accidents and unnecessary wear to vehicles. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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