Fours ways to improve road safety

12th May 2020

Size view of a Hazell & Jefferies lorry carrying driveway and path treatment machinery.

Road accidents can be extremely dangerous and in the UK alone there were over 27,000 recorded serious injuries or fatalities caused by road accidents in 2019. This number sounds alarming, but there are plenty of measures that can be put in place to help improve road safety and drastically reduce the chances of an accident occurring.

Road safety is vital, to protect drivers, passengers, cyclists and any pedestrians walking near a road, so if you want to know more about the measures which help to improve road safety, see our brief guide below.

Regular road maintenance

It’s important to maintain the surfaces of our roads to keep them safe, and this includes filling in potholes, crack sealing and applying new surface dressing or seals. Regular maintenance helps improve the durability of roads and it reduces the chances of accidents occurring.

Speed ramps

Strategically placed speed ramps or bumps are highly effective for reducing a car’s speed limit around sensitive areas such as schools or playgrounds. Ramps come in various different sizes that can be used for a specific use or area, such as those frequented by cars that have a relatively high ground clearance.

Safety education

Proper road safety education is key, so it’s important to raise awareness with information about road safety procedures and best practice. Resources such as the government’s Think! scheme has road safety teaching resources for children, or drivers can find out more from sites like the RAC here, with information on everything from the law about driving without shoes, to how to report a dangerous driver.

Enforced speed limits

Speed limits are vital to help keep drivers safe on the road and inform them of the maximum speed allowed in certain areas. It also gives a good indication to which speeds are safest, which is why the speed limit is much lower in residential areas compared to motorways. Speed limits can be enforced through the use of speed cameras and fines, but a lot of the safety relies on drivers choosing a safe, sensible limit that they feel comfortable with.

Surface dressing is a vital aspect of road maintenance if you want to keep your roads safe, so if you’re looking for professional surface dressing services, get in touch with the team at Hazell & Jefferies Ltd. We’re on hand to restore the condition of your roads and help prevent further deterioration, so give us a call today to discuss your requirements, or visit the website to find out more.

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