How to spruce up your front garden

17th November 2021

A driveway that has recently been treated with surface dressing by Hazell & Jefferies, leading up to a large red brick building.

While the inside of your house is your pride and joy, the front garden is what gives the original impression of your home. So you should try and make it a good one. By having a well-maintained front garden, any visitors to your home will instantly be able to see your personal aesthetic and style.

So read on for some top tips to improve your front garden.


After a few years, the exterior of your home can start to look a bit old and dishevelled. There may be chips in your door or the outside cladding colour has faded. So make a great impression by getting the exteriors of your house redone. A new door colour or design will instantly change the whole feel of the outside of your home.


You could surround your doorstep with planters filled with beautiful flowers or delicious smelling herbs. This will keep your front garden looking beautiful and smelling fresh. The plants could provide a subtle path through your front garden by arranging them in a line leading to your door. If you have limited space a climber plant is a good idea. It could help hide unattractive exterior features and provide a pop of colour against a plain brown brick. Pick something that will look good in all seasons, as you don’t want to be left with a wall covered in dead plants during the winter seasons.


A great way to change up the feel of your garden is to build a fence and gate. You may already have a fence separating you and your neighbour’s property, but why not agree with them to replace it with a nicer alternative. A white, picket fence is a classic option or you could go with metal for a classic touch. A gate can both keep strangers out of your garden and provide a charming touch. This could be a secure metal or a quirky wooden option. Attach your mailbox to it to make the postman’s life easier when he’s delivering. Or instead of a gate, use an arch. This could be wooden, model or natural.

A New Driveway

Over the years your driveway has probably seen a lot of action. Cars and plenty of foot traffic can wear down your surface, leading to holes and other blemishes. So improve the look of your drive by getting it redone today. A fresh coat of asphalt will restore your drive to its original condition.

For all your asphalt needs, get in touch with Hazell and Jefferies Ltd. We offer a professional service tailored to your specific requirements, working around your schedule to not inconvenience you while we repair your driveway. Our micro asphalt services can be completed in less than an hour, ready for traffic almost immediately.

So give us a call on 0118 207 2281 to book in your new driveway or visit our website to check out the full range of services we offer. Sprucing up that garden might reduce a lot of waste, so hire a skip through us!

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