Road planing

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Hazell & Jefferies specialise in road planing, a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to complete road surface removal. Our state-of-the-art planing machines efficiently remove damaged surfaces, allowing new layers to be directly overlaid onto the existing sub-layers. This method is not only quicker and less costly than full excavation but also significantly reduces environmental impact.

The Benefits and Applications of Road Planing

Road planing is an ideal solution for:

  • Removing Worn-Out Surfacing: Efficiently clearing damaged or old road surfaces.
  • Precise Layer Removal: Accurately removing individual layers for specific roadwork needs.
  • Creating Tie-Ins: Seamlessly connecting new roads to existing infrastructure
  • Car Park and Footpath Resurfacing: Renewing surfaces for improved safety and aesthetics.

Why choose Hazell & Jefferies for road planing in Oxford

Hundreds of clients across Oxford, Reading and the UK rely on us for efficient, precise and environmentally friendly road planing services. We operate a fleet of approximately 19 8-wheeled tippers and use recycled materials such as tarmac road planings to reduce waste. From local authority roads to the nation’s biggest motorways to simple driveway road planings, our team can handle a diverse range of projects to meet your needs.

Surface Dressing

Eco-friendly approach

We use recycled materials to support sustainable construction nationwide.

Full view of a Hazell & Jefferies lorry in yellow and navy blue.

Advanced equipment

Our state-of-the-art machinery ensures precision and efficiency.


Experienced team

Our highly skilled team of road planing professionals is dedicated to quality and safety.

What makes our road planing services environmentally friendly?

We offer road planings (also known as road scalpings, tarmac planings or road scrapings) from our stockpiles in Oxfordshire and Berkshire, with some screened to 40mm down. These planings are a by-product of road resurfacing, created when the top layer of tarmac is removed by a cold milling machine. This recycled material is ready for reuse, contributing to sustainable construction practices.

Similarly, the main material in road planings is bitumen. This is a natural resource, making the method a sustainable choice. By minimising waste and the demand for new aggregates, our road planing services contribute to a greener construction industry.