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Comprehensive Road Sealing Services

When cracks appear in your road surface or driveway, it’s vital to seal them as soon as possible to maintain integrity.

By protecting against water ingress and wear from vehicles, road surface sealing ensures a safe and comfortable driving experience, and prevents further damage. It also safeguards the joints where different sections of surface meet to create a single smooth plane.

The specialist surfacing contractors at Hazell & Jefferies provide high-quality road crack sealing, road joint sealing and road surface sealing in Oxford and across the UK. Get in touch with us today to book reliable road surface repair.

Why is regular road sealing important?

Regular maintenance and road surface sealing prevent the degradation of sublayers beneath the top surface. If these are exposed, they can be very expensive and difficult to repair. Our road surface sealing services help keep these layers intact, letting you avoid extensive damage and costly repairs in the future

Efficient traffic management for minimal disruption

On the day of the works, our team ensures minimal disruption to traffic flow. We use effective traffic management strategies such as traffic lights or a ‘stop and go’ system. And for narrower roads, we set up temporary closures with diversion routes. Where possible, we maintain pedestrian access throughout the process.

Thorough road surface sealing process

Our road surface sealing process includes:


  • Debris clearing: Removing debris from joints to prepare for effective sealing.
  • Joint filling: Carefully filing joints with high-quality bituminous materials.
  • Surface sealing: Covering the top of the joints for a seamless seal
  • Road marking restoration: Accurately replacing any road markings removed during the process.
  • Road reopening: Prompt removal of traffic management systems and reopening the road to vehicles.
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What Makes Our Road Sealing Services Exceptional?

Choose Hazell & Jefferies Ltd. in Oxford for reliable and efficient road surface sealing across the UK. We’re committed to maintaining the quality and safety of your roads or driveways.

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Successful surface sealing projects

View our gallery below to see how we can maintain and protect your roads with leading road crack sealing, road joint sealing and road surface sealing services.