The spring cleaning guide

3rd February 2022

A white skip filled with red bricks and rubble in a residential area

It’s nearly spring, which means it’s time to clear out all the unused items in your home and scrub it from top to bottom. If you’re like most people, the warmer weather makes you want to get everything in order and ensure your home is ready for the warm weather after being closed up for so long. These days, it’s even worse with the pandemic and you are likely more than ready to start clearing the place out.

Pick a Room, Any Room

The first step is to start in one room at a time. It’s tempting to jump from space to space, but you’ll burn out rapidly and still only find yourself halfway through the process. So choose a room and then work on it only for the remainder of the steps, before repeating with the next room.

Gather All Obvious Rubbish
Remove anything that is definitely rubbish from the room. This will help you clear the way for the rest of the cleaning. You should keep the rubbish bin nearby, though, because you will be adding more to it shortly.

Remove Everything

Go through every cupboard, drawer, and box and tip everything out onto the floor or a table. From there, you can sort it into things you wish to keep, things to throw away with the rubbish and items to give away or donate.

It can be difficult to get rid of items you have held onto for a long time. If you haven’t used it in a couple of years, though, it’s definitely time to eliminate that particular belonging. You should also throw away anything that is torn, broken, or otherwise unusable. This includes furniture.

Hire a Skip

To ensure you can actually get everything out of your home rapidly, it’s a good idea to hire a skip and just put everything that you no longer wish to keep into the skip. This allows you to get rid of a large amount of rubbish and even pieces of furniture. You can then call the company and they will haul it away for you.

Hiring a skip has the added bonus of giving you a time limit, so you must finish with your spring cleaning quickly. The added motivation can be quite helpful.

Hazell & Jefferies

Are you in need of a skip hire? Hazell and Jefferies have several sizes to choose from. Contact us and we’ll help you determine which size you need.

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