What are Roll On Roll Off Skips?

Roll On Roll Off skips, often referred to as RoRo skips, are large open-topped containers used for disposing of a substantial amount of waste. They are often used on construction sites, in industrial settings, or for large-scale waste clearances. 

They differ from standard skips, as they are larger and have a differing design, which allows them to be easily and efficiently rolled off the delivery vehicle at the site and rolled back once filled. As such, they are a popular skip hire choice for commercial and industrial projects that generate a lot of waste.


What Are The Benefits Of Roll On Roll Off Skips?

There are numerous benefits to using Roll On Roll Off skips for waste disposal. We’ve listed these below. 



RoRo skips have a much larger capacity than standard skips. This is particularly beneficial for large projects, as it reduces the number of skips needed and can help to keep the site more organised. However, it’s important to ensure that there is sufficient space for delivery and space for the skip to sit. 



The design of RoRo skips allows for quick and easy loading and unloading, which can save a lot of time on larger projects. This efficiency can help to keep projects on schedule and can reduce labour costs. 



Although the initial cost of hiring a RoRo skip may be higher than that of a standard skip, the cost per cubic yard of waste is often lower as RoRo skips can accommodate for a far larger amount of waste. 


Waste Versatility

RoRo skips are suitable for a wide range of waste types, including bulky items and heavy materials. This versatility makes them a great option for a variety of projects. 


Are There Different Sizes Of Roll On Roll Off Skips Available?

Roll On Roll Off skips are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different project needs. The most common sizes include 20-yard and 40-yard skips. On average, 20-yard Roll on Roll Off skips can hold 220 black bin bags, and 40-yard skips can hold double this. Learn more about RoRo skip sizes and capabilities. 

It’s important to choose the right size skip, and it’s always best to overestimate  the required size as overloading a skip can lead to unsafe working conditions and may incur additional charges. If you are unsure of the size you need, contact us to discuss your requirements. 


What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Roll On Roll Off Skip?

The cost of hiring a Roll On Roll Off skip depends on a number of factors, including the size of the skip, the duration of the hire, and your location. It’s worth noting that you may also need to pay for a permit if the skip needs to be placed on a public road, and there may be additional charges for certain types of waste. However, Roll on Roll off skips are not often used or recommended for domestic use


Contact Hazell & Jefferies

At Hazell & Jefferies, we offer reliable, cost-effective, and versatile RoRo skips across Oxfordshire & Berkshire to manage large volumes of waste. With our variety of sizes and our experienced team ready to assist you, we ensure that your waste disposal process is as smooth and efficient as possible. Contact us today.

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