The benefits of road surfacing

4th September 2019

Large pot hole filled with water

What’s worse than driving on a road full of potholes? Not only does it make your journey unbearable but it can cause damage to your vehicle. Keeping on top of road surfacing ensures the roads are safe to use and minor fixes do not turn into more dangerous problems.

Read on for our top benefits of road surfacing.

Reasons for road damage

●Weather – rainwater can take off the top layer of road surface, permeate the tarmac and make its way into further layers. As the temperature changes this moisture will expand and shrink causing holes in the road to get bigger.

●The weight of cars and other vehicles – repeated light traffic and heavy lorries can cause indents, which eventually turn into potholes.

●Poor repairs – filling a small hole with gravel will not solve the problem and often this will progress into a pothole.

Prevents damage

When roads are uneven, damaged or full or potholes, this can be a danger for vehicle users, cyclists and pedestrians. It’s not always possible to avoid a pothole, and if you accidentally ride or drive over one this can damage your tyres. For cyclists, this is a particular problem as it can result in cyclists falling off their bikes into oncoming traffic. For cars, continually driving over potholes can also affect the suspension and cause uneven wear, not to mention pedestrians can trip and fall over uneven areas of the road.

Makes journeys smoother

Quite simply, smooth roads equal smooth journeys. Wherever you’re driving or cycling, the roads should be damage-free so you don’t run into any unexpected danger. Furthermore, smoother roads can also have a positive effect on fuel consumption, as they help vehicles to glide across the road, instead of needing extra gas to get moving.

Improves road appearance

Roads that are uneven and damaged can look unsightly, and gain a reputation for their poor maintenance. Whether it’s on a main road, residential street or outside commercial shops, the area can become unpleasant for road users and look unkempt when damage is not fixed. Noone wants to look out of their windows and see an unpleasant road, let alone drive on it!

Here at Hazell & Jefferies , based on the Oxford, Berkshire border, we specialise in surface dressing, seals, road planning, skip hire and recycling. We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality service for every project we complete, so get in touch today and find out how we can help.

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