How long can I keep a skip for?

3rd April 2024

An empty yellow skip next to a red brick house

Renovations, clear-outs and construction projects often produce far too much waste for a council-issued bin to handle. Thankfully, it’s quick and easy to hire a skip from a local skip hire company. Once it arrives, you can keep your skip in your driveway or on a nearby road, giving you plenty of space to collect your waste.

But that doesn’t mean you can hold onto your skip forever. Your skip hire company might have promised it to someone else at a later date. And they want to see their equipment regularly to make sure it’s still in great condition.

Nobody wants to rush a home or commercial project. So it’s useful to know how long you can keep a skip for before you make your booking.


General skip hire rules

In most cases, your skip hire company will provide you a skip for around 1-4 weeks. This period will be agreed upon at the time of your initial booking.

Some companies aren’t comfortable hiring out their skips for months at a time. But most are reasonably flexible. If you think you’ll need your skip for longer than the standard hire period, speak to your skip hire company about a longer agreement.


Can I extend my skip hire period?

Sometimes, a project that you think will only take a week turns out to be much, much longer. Poor weather conditions might require work to stop, or other important things in your life can get in the way.

This can be a problem if you’ve only hired your skip for the minimum time you expected to need it. That said, you can usually ask your skip hire company for an extension. Unless they’ve already promised your skip to another client, most will be happy to extend your skip hire period for an additional cost.

But there’s a catch. Depending on where you keep your skip on your driveway or on the road, you might also need to extend your skip hire permit.


How long can I keep a skip on my drive for?

You don’t need a permit to keep a skip on private land that you own. This includes your drive and private roads. That means you can keep a skip on your drive for the entire length of your hire period with no restrictions.


How long can I keep a skip on the road for?

If there’s not enough space for a skip on your private land, you might need to keep in on a public road. To do so, you’ll need a permit from your local county council.

Your skip hire permit will define how long you can keep your skip on the road for. You must have your skip hire permit before your skip is delivered.

If your skip will be in a controlled parking zone (CPZ), you’ll also need to apply for a CPZ suspension. A CPZ is a part of the road on which you can only park under certain conditions. This includes on a single yellow line, in a resident’s parking spot or in a pay and display bay.

When you hire a skip with Hazell & Jefferies, we arrange your skip hire permit as part of your booking process. Like our skip hire periods, you can choose a permit that’s valid for up to 31 days. Just be aware that it takes up to 5 days for us to acquire your licence, so plan ahead.


How much is a skip hire permit?

The cost of a skip hire permit varies greatly depending on your local council and the length of your hire period. For the most up-to-date information on permit cost, get in touch with us.


Does skip size affect skip hire?

Skip size only matters when your skip is on a public road.

Usually, the biggest skip a local council will allow on a public road is an 8-yard skip. This tends to be the right size for a domestic project.

Remember that other road users – particularly emergency vehicles and public services – must still be able to use the road if your skip is on it. 


What skip sizes do Hazell & Jefferies offer?

You can book a standard skip of 4, 6, 8 or 12 cubic yards through our online skip hire booking services. For large commercial projects, we also carry roll-on roll-off bins of 20 and 40 cubic yards.


Book your skip hire online now

Homeowners and companies from across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and the surrounding areas rely on Hazell & Jefferies for high-quality comprehensive skip hire.

You can book your skip online with us in less than 5 minutes. We even take care of all your permits to ensure your skip hire complies with all necessary regulations. And when we collect your skip, we take it to our Oxfordshire recycling centre to ensure as little waste as possible ends up in landfills.

Book your skip online now to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

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