The benefits of using recycled aggregates

19th August 2020

Hazell & Jefferies team members fitting concrete beams in preparation for laying surface treatments.

The construction industry has a significant impact on the environment and it’s responsible for up to 50% of climate change, 40% of global energy use and 50% of landfill waste. These statistics are rather sobering, so it’s not surprising that many building companies are looking for materials and methods that reduce their environmental impact.

One extremely useful and versatile material is recycled aggregates and these can be used in anything from roads, to filling in holes, as a mix with cement or as a general building material around pipes or in foundations. There are many benefits to choosing recycled aggregates, so if you want to know more, read on for our handy guide.


Recycled aggregates are less expensive to produce in comparison to freshly mined materials, so they can be sold at a lower price point. Local aggregates are also more affordable as it cuts down on the costs required to ship and deliver the materials and reselling aggregate is more cost effective than sending it to landfill.


Recycled aggregates are widely used in construction, but they can also be mixed with concrete for a number of building applications, or used in your garden. Many people use aggregates to create a garden path, fill in borders or as a barrier around a pond or water feature.


Recycled aggregate is considered a ‘green’ construction material and it has far less negative impact on the environment (in comparison to virgin materials). Choosing recycled aggregates means that the materials don’t need to be mined from a quarry, which can have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. It also cuts down on the amount of construction waste sent to landfill and helps to meet UK sustainability targets.


Recycled aggregate has been proven to be just as strong as virgin aggregate, and it can be made even stronger if you mix it with concrete or cement. It’s incredibly reliable as a material and has been found to be structurally sound.

If you’re looking for high quality recycled aggregates for your next project, get in touch with the team at Hazell & Jefferies Ltd. we’re proud to offer affordable recycled aggregates that are suitable for a wide range of building projects, delivered straight to your door. We can also collect waste materials from your site so that they can be turned into more recycled aggregate, so give us a call today or visit our website to find out more.

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